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Sniffer GPS allows you to track your pet on any device, anywhere, any time. Sniffer gives you peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe at home. However, if your dog does get out, Sniffer alerts you and tracks your dog in real time. To accomplish this, Sniffer integrates a variety of advanced tracking systems, including GPS and cellular.


Sniffer GPS uses a variety of features to keep your dog safe. The integrated light helps you see your dog at night, and the device alerts you when your dog gets outside of the safe zone. In addition, you may add as many safe zones as you need to be sure your dog is protected anywhere you go.


Sniffer GPS is designed to be completely hassle-free. The 30 day battery life and integrated solar cells make sure that you rarely have to charge the device. An easy snap-on charger attaches to your dog's collar, allowing you to charge the device on the go, and making sure you never have to leave your dog unprotected. Finally, the device is ultra-ruggedized, and can go where ever you dog wanders.


Long Battery Life

Using a combination of power saving techniques and solar recharging, Sniffer has a battery life that can last up to 30 days.

Easy Recharging

With our easy snap-on charger your dog will never be unprotected. The Sniffer GPS collar never has to be taken off your dog, even to recharge.

Advanced Tracking

Using the latest GPS and cellular technologies, Sniffer GPS makes finding your dog easier and quicker than ever.

Durable and Water Resistant

Sniffer will not let you down even if your best friend runs away in the woods, goes for a swim, or rolls in mud.

Integrated light

Sniffer GPS has an integrated light for superior night time visibility. With Sniffer you can ensure that your dog will be safe any time day or night.

Solar Charging

Sniffer harnesses the power of the sun to allow your device last up to 30 days.

Cross Platform

You can track your best friend on both iPhone and Android devices.

Wherever, Whenever...

Sniffer allows you to track your dog in real time, any time, anywhere, no matter where they may wonder.

Safe Zones

Receive text, email, or in-app notifications when your dog leaves or enters a safe zone.

A Look into the future


  • January 2018

    Alpha Design Finished

    In January 2018 Sniffer GPS completed its alpha unit, and is beginning production on multiple units to distribute to beta testers.

  • February 2018

    Friends and Family Funding

    Throughout the month of February Sniffer GPS is looking to raise $50,000 in funding from friends and family. This money will go towards sustaining the business through the crowd funding round, and providing advertising resources.

  • March 2018

    Sniffer GPS Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

    Sniffer GPS will launch its crowd funding campaign. This campaign is a month long campaign where we offer Sniffer GPS units for presale.

  • April - July 2018

    Production and Shipping

    After our crowd funding campaign we begin manufacturing at scale to deliver to all of our backers in a timely manner.


Sniffer GPS began after it's founder Reid had a 'that can be done better' idea. Reid noticed that his boss had purchased a pair of GPS dog trackers, but they spent more time on the charging station than on his dogs.

Reid discovered the collars were constantly sitting on the charging station because it was a hassle to put on and take off the trackers. GPS trackers are not like our phones, we can't take them off to charge every night. Not only is taking the device off to charge a hassle, but it leaves our dogs unprotected.

Thus the idea for Sniffer GPS was born, a dog tracker that rarely has to charge, and never has to leave your dog. Reid took the idea into the Georgia Tech Create-X program where the dream came to life.

One of the most important things a company can do is listen to their customers. The Sniffer GPS team has logged over 200 hours interviewing our customers about what they need, and the problems they face. Using the knowledge gained from these interviews, we have refined Sniffer GPS to fill the gaps in the current market and out perform our competitors.

Our Amazing Team


Reid Kersey

Founder & CEO

Reid is an innovative and passionate entrepreneur who has had a lifelong dream to own his own company and a fierce desire to build, design, and engineer state of the art electronic products. To help meld these two passions together, Reid studied everything he could find on electronics from an early age and attended Georgia Tech where he studied Business Administration. During his time at GA Tech, he lead the GA Tech Solar Racing electrical team, where he honed both his electrical design and leadership skills. He now leads the electronic design of our dog collar and is accelerating the company to future success.

Aaron Naidu

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron grew up in the middle east with an ardent desire to figure out how everything works. Much of his childhood days were spent disassembling household electronics with a screwdriver. Having his heart set on engineering, Aaron attended the Georgia Institute of Technology for his Masters in Aerospace Engineering, and after graduating, he was looking to hone and utilize his skills when he found Sniffer GPS. In addition to desiging the Sniffer iOS app, Aaron currently handles the manufacture of all Sniffer products and is the lead on designing a durable casing that can hold off even the roughest, rowdiest pooch.

We believe that a strong team is what makes this company possible. Reid and Aaron have known each other for several years and outside of work, are good friends and tennis partners. They both have an extremely strong work ethic and a desire to see the company continue to succeed and grow.

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